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Czech Beauty 2016 Final. 5 beautiful models, magical angel show and desirable lingerie at Fashion Club in Prague

Last month, on the 5th of November, the grand finale of the popular glamor and playboy contest “Czech Beauty 2016” was held at the luxury Prague venue “Fashion Club”. Visitors and special guests enjoyed a three hour long show moderated by stunning show model Sabina Koudelková, who presented a rich program throughout the night 13dagskr?fta as five ladies cheap MLB jerseys contested for the the title of “Czech Beauty Star”!

Having gone through several competition and casting stages, the five finalists of the night were Monika Bukačová, Tereza Hynková, Nikola Kobzová, Denisa Furmanová and the wholesale nfl jerseys lovely Tereza [Rezension] Bartoňková, who eventually claimed the title of Czech Beauty Star at the end of the night.

Within the rich program of the Czech Beauty 2016 final, guests were entertained wholesale nfl jerseys by amazing dance performances, headed by the winner of the 2015 Beauty Czech final Iveta Kindlmanová, a glamor photo shoot on stage by Photon Europe, Vibrasil Samba Show, an exhibition of the hottest items of lingerie brand “Werso” as well as a unique ” Angel Show” designed by Arina Couture.

Just before the jury made the announcement of this year’s ultimate Czech Beauty winner, violin virtuoso Michael Hejč also made an appearance on stage, enchanting the wholesale MLB jerseys crowd with acoustical delights. The jury of the Czech Beauty 2016 contest was made up of well known names from the modeling industry, including three of the currently most successful men Jakub Kraus, Jan Vurm and Tomáš Martinko. Modeling agencies were represented by Jiří Morštadt of Miss Czech Press, Anutka Kapeliuha of VandAagency en and Irina Budka of Slavic Beauty. At the after party, in the suitable role of sexy DJ, German playmate Christiane Henschel rounded the event up, making it the perfect and magical night everyone anticipated.

Congratulations to Tereza Bartoňková for becoming Czech Beauty cheap mlb jerseys Star 2016. To see more of Tereza, you can visit her profile here on Slavic Beauty.

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